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This community is devoted to slash fan-fiction featuring and about the artists of the New Wave musical movement of the late 70s through the 80s. We'll be fairly broad about including any/all artists associated with the New Wave period, including also the punk & post-punk artists of the time (Sex Pistols, The Clash) and early alternative-rock (R.E.M., The Church). Basically, this community is for slash fans and writers who love the music of the time, and need a place to share their stories not dominated by more current artists. (So please, no current groups that are influenced by or invoke the New Wave sound but were not part of the original movement, such as The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, etc.)

Not sure if your band or the story you'd like to post is appropriate? Please ask the moderator, sidewinder, before posting. Obviously, if the group/artist is listed in our "Interests", then you're good to go!

Basic Rules & Regulations
Yeah, I know no one likes to read through these things, but please do, as following the rules will make everything so much easier--for everyone!

1. This is a community featuring adult-oriented fan-fiction, therefore it is intended for adults only.

2. This community is for slash fan-fiction. If you disapprove of slash (defined here as same-sex relationship fan-fiction) and homo-eroticism, do not join. We are not interested in debating the subject. Heterosexual content is acceptable in a story but only if it also contains slash content as well. Stories do not have to contain explicit sexual content to be acceptable, but some suggestion of a slash relationship is expected, at the least.

3. Do not post stories that are not your own. You may post a link or recommend a story you enjoyed elsewhere, but do not post another's work without receiving their permission first. Likewise, do not take the stories you read here and post them elsewhere, without receiving the author's permission first. No fiction posted here can or will be archived anywhere else, unless the author grants archiving permission in the story information.

4. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If plagiarism is suspected, report it to the moderator and the situation will be investigated.

5. Constructive criticism and feedback are greatly encouraged. Flames and general rudeness are not.

6. On-topic posts only. Off-topic posts including community promos not approved by the moderator will be deleted. You can post general slashy discussion about your New Wave favorites, related pictures, or challenges, just keep it all on-subject.

7. Femme-slash is welcome as well as male-slash.

8. Crossovers with other musical artists/people welcome. Also, feel free to write current-era stories about these New Wave artists and where they are now.

9. Song lyrics. If quoting any, please include songwriter credits.

10. Story formatting. The subject of your post should be of the following format:

FIC: Story Title (Characters, Part X of X, Rating)

As an example...

FIC: Hot Nights (Simon Le Bon/John Taylor, Part 1 of 2, NC-17)

This will make browsing the stories in the Memories easier.

Please include the following basic information in your story postings. The first seven are mandatory:

Title: The title of the story.
Author: Your pen name/lj identity
Pairing: Characters/people featured in the story
Fandom/Band: ...because we don't know every band out there!
Rating: use the G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17 system
Summary: A brief description of the story. "Just read it!" doesn't count.
Disclaimer: All stories must contain a disclaimer indicating that the story is fictional.

These info categories are optional, but helpful to some readers & authors, so feel free to include...

Warnings: Not mandatory but encouraged. Remember that one person's squick is another person's kink!
Story Status: "Complete" or "Work-in-progress". Some folks don't like to read WIP's, so be nice and let us know what state your story is in.
Archiving permission: Unless otherwise stated, no archiving permission elsewhere is granted.
Your website: If you have a site for your stories, please let us know in case we'd like to read more.

The actual text of your story should be placed behind an lj-cut. Even for drabbles! It's just polite not to clutter up members' friends pages. If you don't know how to do an lj-cut, ask the moderator, sidewinder, for instructions.

That's it for now, so have fun, and please write lots of slash!

Affiliates: pinkfloydslash

Interested in being an affiliate? Contact sidewinder!

General disclaimer:All stories posted within this community are fiction only and not reality. No harm or libel is meant or implied about any of the individuals named within these stories. No profit is being made. We know it is all completely untrue and hope you realize the same.

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